Occasionally an afterthought, workshops are just as important to the overall process of risk management and assessment. What's more, those who facilitate the workshop should be adequately qualified and passionate about the importance of the work they are performing. Vanguard Solutions provides a host of workshops ranging from HAZOP workshops to risk identification and safety and design workshops. If you would like risk management workshops facilitated by the industry's experts then contact us for more information today. 

Vanguard Solutions

We are experts in the facilitation of engineering workshops from HAZOP and HAZID to Structured WHATIF?, SIL Assessment, Bowtie Assessment and FMEA. Our personnel have a diverse and lengthy experience of these types of workshops and many hold certification with major industry operators. We can support traditional methods or develop bespoke methods depending on the industry or application. The range of workshops we facilitate include:

•    Concept and Design Safety Evaluations
•    Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) 
•    As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) Studies
•    Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) Studies
•    Risk-Based Decision Making
•    Cost/Risk-Benefit Studies
•    Safety integrity level (SIL)

The importance of risk identification workshops

We always like to reiterate just how important workshops are to the process of risk identification. This is because we have witnessed the benefits of participating in a well-structured workshop time and time again.

A properly organised workshop allows participants to contribute and share their experiences just as much as they learn in an environment that encourages natural dialogue and discussion. When learning takes place under these particular conditions the lessons become embedded in the memory for easy application as and when they are required. Once this is achieved, it means that stakeholders will also appreciate the role of risk identification and wherever possible, play their part to ensure it runs smoothly, contributing to the overall efficiency and success of the business' operations.

A workshop format enables participants to both contribute and learn in a natural environment. The result is not only a ranked list of key risks, but a fascinating discussion about the control environment, risk appetite, and individual risk tolerances. As stakeholders walk away from the session their understanding of business operations, objectives and challenges has expanded and they are equipped with the knowledge and the detailed analysis to make improved business decisions.

We facilitate world-class workshops

A significant number of personnel in our Perth office, some seven engineers, are comprehensively qualified and experienced HAZOP facilitators. Each member of the team has experience of facilitation of workshops, such as safety and design workshops, HAZID, risk and opportunity, ALARP, etc.

In addition, many are experienced in facilitating Safety and Integrity Level (SIL) Analysis, in accordance with the international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. We have developed our own unique methodology for SIL Analysis using the Risk Graph method from IEC 61508. We also have significant experience of application of the Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) method and have developed an approach that successfully combines HAZOP and LOPA workshops. Leading from the front, one of our directors is a Certified Functional Safety Expert (regarding SIL and IEC 61508), whilst other team members have gained related formal qualifications.

If you're looking for a team of experts to facilitate workshops for you organisation, look no further. Contact us today.

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