A safety case is more than a document. It is a living plan that provides a method of implementing an operationally-aligned safety culture with a facility's specific operational requirements. It is your blueprint to organisational success, profitability in the long run and a guideline to ensuring you observe the rules and regulations set out by legislation. We use our expertise in safety case management and development to ensure that our clients gain cross-disciplinary value from the preparation process and use the safety case as intended. It is carefully incorporated into our ALARP studies ensuring that you strike the most desirable balance between risk and reward for your organisation's project. Contact us today for expert safety case development.

What is a safety case?


The safety case is a tool to ensure that businesses are managing their risks in accordance with the law, while enabling effective fulfilment of project requirements and stakeholder expectations.


Safety case development & integration


A safety case is vital to the maintenance of a goals-based safety management environment. It allows each operator to decide upon their specific operational requirements and then determine the tailored risk profile associated with their particular operational hazards. It demonstrates to personnel, management, stakeholders and regulators that all hazards are adequately managed and that all risks are As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). 


The safety case and ALARP


The importance of the safety case to your organisation is plain to see as it ensures that you observe all legislation, rules and regulations associated with your project. The aforementioned legislation, rules and regulations are non-negotiable and based on the ALARP principle. This ensures that the risk of injury and fatality are kept to a minimum within the confines of what is possible to ensure your project still progresses successfully.


What we do


Preparation and management of your safety case is part and parcel of our core business. We engage at every stage of safety case preparation, revision and approval, with the aim of genuinely improving the safety of our clients' operations.


The safety case is built on an effective process of identifying and assessing the risks to a facility or operation. At the heart of this process is the suite of safety documents called the Formal Safety Assessments (FSAs). These documents are built by understanding the details of a client's operations and applying the best practice methods of risk assessment to both the accident and response aspects of system safety. 


We regularly build an FSA right from the data collection stage, through the completion of the assessment, and then use the resulting information in the preparation of the safety case.


Your integrated safety management system


The premise of an integrated safety management system is to promote the efficient performance of work in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Your safety case is of paramount importance to the degree of efficacy your integrated safety management system exhibits.

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