Preparation and foresight are always key components of any successful approach, particularly when it comes to business. The success of a business depends on how well that business implements active and engaged management of any success-limiting risks and liabilities. It is by acknowledging and addressing these risks proactively that a business achieves success and profitability. This is why organisations that rely on expert risk management assessment achieve a competitive advantage. We offer comprehensive risk management services including strategic guidance on regulatory liaisons and submissions as well as expert witness audits and due diligence investigations.


With a wealth of experience across a variety of industries including  oil and gas, major hazard facilities, mining, defence and public transport infrastructure, we are your leading choice for risk management and assessment plans. Contact us today for professional risk management assessment development and guidance.

Our approach to risk management and assessment plans


Understanding that there are some processes and consequent risks that are unique to each organisation, we make every effort to align with our clients to provide bespoke risk management programs that work specifically with their business. For example, the efficacy of our mining risk assessment is influenced largely by our unrivalled ability to pinpoint the risks inherent in mining as well as those that are specific to your approach and the process you employ. Our ability to understand the intricacies of your project and the processes involved in making it work are pivotal in ensuring that our engineering risk management is comprehensive. We offer the following standard suite of risk management tools for application in accordance with a project's needs:


  • Concept and Design Safety Evaluations

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

  • As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) Studies

  • Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) Studies

  • Risk-Based Decision Making

  • Cost/Risk-Benefit Studies


Concept and design safety evaluations


This preventative measure ensures that the likelihood of any hazards or undesirable incidents take place by facilitating a design that is robust, effective and safe.


Quantitative risk assessment (QRA)


We help your organisation maximise its profit earning potential simultaneously minimising the risk by calculating the probability of risky events taking place and discerning their impact. These risks are then quantified numerically according to detailing the likelihood of them occurring and the extent of their impact.


As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) studies


Our ALARP studies observe the fundamental principles of risk management and take into account the risk and reward trade-off. We strive to strike the most conducive and effective balance that manages risk to a point where it is not completely eliminated to ensure the best use of your resources.


Simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) studies


These studies are centred around those occasions where two or more activities take place at the same time. They allow us to assess the consequent hazards and the joint safety requirements that will need to be me.


Risk-based decision making


Our risk-based decision making approach incorporates uncertainty into the design analysis in order to provide a more optimal structural design for your project, ultimately increasing performance without an associated loss of reliability.


Cost/ risk-benefit studies


These vital studies assess the risks associated with your project and compare them with the potential benefits to determine the most viable way forward for your project.


Our risk assessment and management services allow you to anticipate possible risks and proactively develop internal protocols to eliminate or control them effectively. This also includes the following:


Incident investigations


Here we pay meticulous attention to detail to find the root cause of an incident that may have occurred. It allows us to map the best way forward to ensure it does not happen again by taking precise corrective action.

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