Vanguard Solutions is not just dedicated to paving the way for new approaches to managing and avoiding risk, we're equally as committed to providing proactive hazard identification and assessment that meticulously observes every detail and possible eventuality. This is because we know the critical role that hazard identification plays in the success of any project. It ensures that all aspects of a project are optimised for the most ideal outcome. Carrying out a comprehensive assessment of possible risks allows an organisation to put in place all the necessary measures to avoid injury and fatal incidents.

Effective and cost-wise safety management lies in scoping the risks associated with operating within the context of a successful business. Identifying present and future risks is crucial in the development of any management plan or design project, and should work in conjunction with the business goals. For a team with extensive industrial safety management expertise and experience, contact us today. 

What is hazard identification?

A hazard refers to anything tangible or otherwise that has the potential to cause harm. Our hazard identification and assessment service is the process by which we analyse each operation, worksite and phase of a project to determine whether there are any possible causes for concern or hazards that could put any stakeholder at risk be it employees, the project itself, the environment or equipment. 

Always a priority, never an afterthought

Across all industries, both individuals and the environment regularly encounter risk. This is often avoidable and, in many cases, the frequency of these scenarios can be reduced through thorough safety management. A common stumbling block to ensuring that there is a conscious effort to improving is complacency. The familiarity and acceptance of routine operations and surroundings is usually responsible for encouraging a false sense of security. What's more, in some companies the line between disaster and continued operation, under these conditions, is blurred or ignored. 

Hazard identification and assessment is one of our core capabilities. By providing timely, quality input in a persuasive manner we help you:

• Avoid and prevent risks where reasonable, 
• Manage effectively the risks you encounter, 
• Achieve continual improvement and, thereby, 
• Distance yourselves from potential disaster.

Our hazard identification & safety management

Accidents in the workplace can be avoided and the hazard identification and assessment services we offer will ensure this is the case for your organisation. These services include:
•    Hazard Identification (HAZID) & Consequence Analysis
•    Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies
•    Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
•    Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment
•    Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
•    Failure Mode, Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA) 

Why choose us?

We are experienced facilitators and third-party participants in any of the following engineering workshops, including HAZOP and LOPA Workshops, whilst also being able to provide tailored safety management advice and technical safety analysis depending on the stage, lifecycle and demands of each particular situation.

Our extensive experience spans across Major Hazard Facilities in numerous countries including the Philippines, New Zealand and many parts of Australia. 

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