An Independent Consultancy

Part of Vanguard’s competitive advantage is the fact that we are an entirely independent company. We offer unbiased advice backed by experience and resolution – without being influenced by outside interests.

The Vanguard team cuts across the generations. Since we are privately owned by the Principals, our business services benefit from direct senior involvement. Plus, we actively mentor and develop our bright young engineers for the future and stability of the company.

Our unique combination of stakeholders ensures our delivery is of the highest technical merit without shareholder or financier sway – they are our clients, our industry, our consultants, our staff and our investors.

The Vanguard approach to business considers a successful business to be founded on several key aspects, like a multi-legged stool. Without any one leg, the stool falls over. For Vanguard our foundations are built on:

Our clients 

We meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.
We actively maintain solid relationships with our clients.
We stay up-to-date with policy, technology and industry developments.

The business community 

We participate in business events and industry initiatives.
We present at, and attend, industry conferences to encourage knowledge transfer.
We actively support community initiatives to remain engaged with the end user.

Our Staff 

We reward our staff with excellent conditions and remuneration.
We help our staff to learn new skills and develop expertise.
We provide a genuine work/life balance.
We conduct our business ethically.

Our investors 

We pursue a reasonable return on their investor outlay.
We ensure investor values and requirements are fulfilled by our business conduct.
We provide regular, meaningful updates on business progress.
We maintain a consistent business approach that is not adverse to change.