Vanguard Solutions was formed in 2000 by an experienced team of professionals that continue to manage the company to this day. This rare business continuity provides our clients with a trusted and valued relationship.  We are based in Perth, Australia, a beautiful part of the world, and our city address is nestled amongst industry majors. We are a knowledge-based consultancy with highly talented people. Our working environment fosters a collaborative approach to problem solving where agile thinking, coupled with sound practise,  provides the expert advice sought by our clients. 


Our location in Perth has allowed us to work on some of the world’s mega projects. This places us in a valuable position as a Consultancy as our experience range is broad, diversified and sophisticated, from small bespoke solutions, through to support on complex multi-facility projects throughout all stages of the e ngineering lifecycle.

Brendan Fitzgerald
Managing Director
Paul Breen
Technical Director

Brendan, Paul and Iain are recognised as experts in their field and are sought after for their advice and input.  They are supported by a team of highly qualified self-starting individuals, who are able to work independently and decisively, or provide insightful support and leadership within teams. Our people have enjoyed many years of working together forming strong relationships with an effective, cohesive and openly-communicative team style.


At Vanguard we believe in attracting, selectively recruiting and retaining the most capable engineers and problem solvers.  We know that the only way to do this is to provide our employees with exciting work opportunities and surround them with a desirable professional environment to work in. Click here to contact us about a career at Vanguard Solutions. 

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